Episode 10 – Loot, Lust and a Lost Kingdom

Belisarius returns to try to deal with the Persians.  Meanwhile, Antonia is causing trouble closer to home.


Seleucia (where Khusrow went to bathe in the Mediterranean)
Apamea (which Khusrow ‘visited’ after Antioch)
Edessa (now Sanliurfa, the untakeable city)
Carrhae (now Harran, from which Khusrow refused a bribe and left alone)
Constantina (now Viransehir, which paid off Khusrow)
Nisibis (the Persian border fortress)
Ephesus (Theodosius’s hidey-hole)

Walls_of_Rome_6th_centuryMap of Lazica by CPlakidas

Direct Link: 10 – Loot, Lust and a Lost Kingdom

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