Episode 11 – Too Many Cooks

Wars are everywhere, and Belisarius is once again falling in and out of favour.

Places (more well-known cities not listed)

Sergiopolis  – home of Candidus
Heirapolis – where Buzes is fond of hiding
Callinicum (now Rakka) – sacked by Khusrow in 542
  – where the plague first arrived in Byzantine lands
Tarbesium (Treviso) – site of Totila’s first great victory
Caesena (Cesana) – taken by Totila
Dryus (Otranto) – relieved by Belisarius
Pisaurus (Pesaro) – rebuilt by Belisarius as a base
Firmum (Fermo) – besieged by Totila
Asculum (Ascoli) – besieged by Totila

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