Episode 12 – Stalemate

Can an under-resourced Belisarius do anything to stop the Goths retaking Italy?

Via_FlaminiaThe Flaminian Way


Spolitum (Spolito) and Asise (Assisi) – Totila’s targets on the way to Rome
Perusia (Perugia) – another stop on Totila’s march to Rome
Placentia (Piacenza) – Totila tried to take this city while besieging Rome
Epidamnus (Durres) – where Belisarius went to collect reinforcements
Portus (Porto) – Rome’s port
Cervarium (Cervaro) – where John waited
Dryus (Otranto) – The Byzantine’s base in the South (location unknown)
Tarentum (Taranto) – captured by John, but with no walls
Tibur (Tivoli) – where Totila retreated after failing to retake Rome
Acherontis (Acerenza) – a fortress besieged by John
Croton (Crotone) – where Belisarius’s fleet was forced to put in by a storm
Rusciana (port of the ruined city of Thurii) – a fortress besieged by the Goths

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