Episode 13 – Belisarian Postbellum

Belisarius is no longer at war.  What happened next?

A summary of the Gothic Wars

David_-_Belisarius Belisarius_by_Peyron Belisarius_by_Francois-Andre_Vincent
Depictions of Belisarius as a blind begger by Jacques-Louis David (1781), Jean-Francois Pierre Peyron (1779) and Francois-Andre Vincent (1776)

The Pincian Gate in Rome, where Belisarius is supposed to have begged.


Edessa (Sanliurfa) – the city protected by Jesus
Dara – which Khusrow attempted to take through trickery
Taganae (Gualdo Tadino)  – site of Totila’s defeat
Cumae – where the Gothic treasury was being kept
Mons Lactarus (Monti Lattari) and River Dracon (Sarno)
– Site of the final showdown.

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